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Check boot filesystem

To check the file system of a Citrix XenServer Host, complete the following procedure:

  1. Insert the installation CD 1 of the XenServer host into CD-ROM drive where the file system to check is located.

  2. Start the installation process and stop when it displays theĀ Confirm Installation dialog box and to click Install XenServer. From the message displayed in the dialog box, note the path for the disk. For example: "Please confirm you wish to proceed: all data on disk /dev/sda will be destroyed."

  3. Press ALT + F2 (you can toggle between the installation screen and the command prompt using ALT + F1 and ALT + F2). It prompts you to log on. Log on as the root user and the following prompt is displayed:

  4. Run the fsck command as follows:
    [root@(none)~]# fsck /dev/sda1

  5. reboot