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Upgrading Components

Upgrade procedure

Insert the installation media or mount the ISO drive for the new release. Double-click AutoSelect.

To use the command-line interface, see Install using the command line.

  1. Install more than one core component is installed on the same server (for example, the Controller, Studio, and License Server) and several of those components have new versions available, they will all be upgraded when you run the installer on that server.

If any core components are installed on machines other than the Controller, run the installer on each of those machines. The recommended order is: License Server, StoreFront, and then Director.

  1. Run the product installer on machines containing VDAs. (See Step 9 for master images and Machine Creation Services.)
  2. If Studio is installed on a different machine than one you’ve already upgraded, run the installer on the machine where Studio is installed.
  3. From the newly upgraded Studio, upgrade the Site database.
  4. From the newly upgraded Studio, select Citrix Studio site-name in the navigation pane. Select the Common Tasks Select Upgrade remaining Delivery Controllers.
  5. After completing the upgrade close and then reopen Studio. Studio might prompt for an additional Site upgrade.
  6. In the Site Configuration section of the Common Tasks page, select Perform registration. Registering the Controllers makes them available to the Site.
  7. After upgrading components, the database, and the Site, test the newly-upgraded Site. From Studio, select Citrix Studio site-name in the navigation pane. Select the Common Tasks tab and then select Test Site. These tests were run automatically after you upgraded the database, but you can run them again at any time.
  8. After you upgrade and test the deployment, update the VDA used in the master images (if you haven’t done that already). Update master images that use those VDAs. See Update or create a new master image. Then update machine catalogs that use those master images, and upgrade Delivery Groups that use those catalogs.