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VM Networking

Change Network

xe vm-list
Copy the uuid for the VM you want to remove the interface.
xe vif-list vm-uuid=<vm-uuid>
Copy the uuid for the vif you want to destroy.
xe vif-destroy uuid=<vif-uuid>
Note you will need to know which device you want to remove if there is more than one interface attached to the VM.

xe network-list ( "name-label=<label>" )
Copy the networks uuid.
xe vif-create network-uuid=<network-uuid> vm-uuid=<vm-uuid> device=0

Assign IP addressing to VM

xe vm-param-set uuid=8bc00eab-9f3e-4e9c-c7bb-f01dfabc758d xenstore-data:vm-data/ip= xenstore-data:vm-data/netmask= xenstore-data:vm-data/gateway= xenstore-data:vm-data/dns=