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IPA - Basic Commands

A basic list of command to manage FreeIPA services.



Add new a record and reverse record.

An A record is used to map an FQDN to an IP address. The A record is created using the following:

ipa dnsrecord-add <forward-zone>  <short-name> --a-rec <IP of A record>

The reverse, or pointer, record is used to map the IP to a hostname. The command to create a pointer is:

ipa dnsrecord-add <reverse-zone> <num> --ptr-rec <host-FQDN>.

Note the trailing dot. This is very important. 

This is an example of adding with the IP of to the FreeIPA DNS.

ipa dnsrecord-add  server1 --a-rec
ipa dnsrecord-add 11 --ptr-rec


Remove a failed or dead host.

ipa host-del server1 --updatedns

Including the --updatedns option will also remove all of the linked DNS entries for this host.


The service must include the service / FQDN of the host.

ipa service-add nfs/


Add a new user lab1

ipa user-add lab1

Change the new user's password

 ipa passwd lab1