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Install - Physical Media

XenServer installation overview.

All hosts have at least one IP address associated with them. To configure a static IP address for the host (instead of using DHCP), have the static IP address and hostname on hand before beginning this procedure.

To install the XenServer host:

  1. Burn the installation files for XenServer to a CD or use a USB boot drive
  2. Back up data you want to preserve. Installing XenServer overwrites data on any hard drives that you select to use for the installation.
  3. Insert the installation CD into the DVD drive of the host computer.
  4. Restart the host computer.
  5. Boot from the DVD drive or USB
  6. Following the initial boot messages
  7. Select Ok to do a clean installation.
  8. If you have multiple hard disks, choose a Primary Disk for the installation. Select Ok.

Choose which disks you want to use for virtual machine storage. Choose Ok.

  1. Set up the management interface to use to connect to XenCenter.
  2. Configure the Management NIC IP address with a static IP address
  3. Specify the hostname and the DNS configuration
  4. Follow the remaining installation screens
  5. Select Install XenServer.
  6. From the Installation Complete screen, eject the installation CD from the drive, and then select *Ok to reboot the server.
  7. Finish configuration using XenCenter
    1. Apply latest patches
    2. Create new pool
    3. Configure Networking
    4. Join other nodes to pool